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Our drones

The drone pictured is a DJI Inspire, with video camera fitted.

We also use drones such as the Mavic Platinum Pro, available with thermal imaging capabilities, and the Parrott Anaffi, which can film upwards, and shines at tight work.

The aircraft and cameras we use in your project will have the precise capabilities that your project needs.

 What our clients say

  1. I recently used the London Drone Company … Read more for a small one-off job in Buckinghamshire. I needed some aerial footage for a customer of my own as part of a landscaping project. The images provided some great detail, and the overall process was quick and easy. I don't tend to have many of this type of requirement, but if I do again, I would use the London Drone Company.
    John Lidbetter * Anything Outdoors
  2. We have used the London Drone Company … Read more successfully to assist with our inspections / investigations. They provide a prompt, efficient and cost-effective resource.
    Roy Emmerson * Emmerson Barnett Ltd * Chartered Building Surveyors
  3. Using London Drone Company Ltd for a survey proved wise. … Read more The benefits of unmanned aerial surveys are generally obvious. One additional unforeseen, but very welcome benefit was that the camera picked up lines that my trained Chartered Surveyor’s eye did not see. Along a line of a terrace, it seemed that the houses were all set on the same lines and approximately the same size, but the survey revealed a one brick width offset which proved very useful. From the video obtained by the drone at a 50 m height above the roof, we were able to study the ridge lines and realise that the camera revealed the true layout. Money well spent.
    JT MRICS Chartered Surveyor (Client name and identifying details withheld at client’s request)
  4. Ross and the team always provide an excellent service. … Read more Arranging the survey with the authorities and considering the weather conditions are key not only for the quality of the survey but working with us to avoid abortive costs. Information is quickly issued and because of their construction knowledge they can quickly identify issues not all drone providers can.
    Stuart Clark * Director * Stuart James Clark Ltd
  5. Fantastic service provided by Ross and his team … Read more at the London Drone Company. The footage we received for our external facade survey allowed us to review the building in great detail. I highly recommend Ross and his team.
    Thomas Biddle * Commercial & Residential Developers

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The BT Tower


Property / Construction

Using state-of-the-art aircraft and high-resolution cameras, the London Drone Company captures highly-accurate survey data from the most challenging or inaccessible location — in a fraction of the time taken by traditional survey methods.

 What we bring to UAV surveys and inspections


Ross Turner

Company boss Ross Turner has 40 years of practical building knowledge, so he knows where to look for problems and issues to do with the fabric of a building, and also often knows how to put things right.

Roofs, brickwork, fenestration, you name it—Ross has the skills to sort them all.

 Looking for a comprehensive package?

Ross has the contacts to carry out all the work, if you are looking for a comprensive package.

In particular, the London Drone Company has a close working relationship with a survey / mapping company and can provide further services under our banner. You can check their own Web site.

How much will it cost?

There are too many factors to be taken into account to give you a realistic price before knowing your own needs. But quotes and estimates are free. Contact us.

You will get your quote within 24 hours of our receiving your enquiry.

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Cruciform Building UCL


One of our drones in flight

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We can provide personal and legal services of every kind, right up to post-RTA aerial shots and thermal imaging search and rescue events. Contact us.

How much will it cost?

There are too many factors to be taken into account to give you a realistic price before knowing your own needs. But quotes and estimates are free. Contact us.

You will get your quote within 24 hours of our receiving your enquiry.

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Lords cricket ground


We operate over most of mainland UK and further afield in Europe.

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Normal lead time from enquiry to mission: less than a week (subject to weather and permissions required). Try us.

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University College, London

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